Sit-back, relax, and enjoy Kentucky's natural beauty!With so much to experience, your weekend just
became full of new ways to explore My Old Kentucky Home.

R.V. Camping
Primitive Camping

R.V. Camping
Primitive Tent Camping

Amongst the age old oaks of Federal Hill farm, our R.V. Campground sites are beloved and favored by our guests who appreciate our campground's unique round-about layout and beautiful setting amongst one of Kentucky's most beautiful parks.

Time and time again, campers choose My Old Kentucky Home's campgrounds because of our dedication to maintaining our facilities, and our favorable location adjacent to a beautiful award-winning golf course and the beloved "My Old Kentucky Home" mansion which is available to tour everyday.

If you're planning your next camping adventure, there's no more relaxing setting than the peaceful Kentucky countryside of My Old Kentucky Home's R.V. campgrounds.
On the rolling lands of the Federal Hill farm, our primitive tent camping sites are fully outfitted with fire pits and BBQ grills with full restroom and showering facilities located nearby.

Set amongst a centuries old forest, our primitive camping areas are surrounded by ever changing outdoor experience. The spring, summer, fall, and winter seasons bring new colors and a variety of wildlife that lends a unique experience to our campers.

With the unique outdoor spaces we've created for our campers, there's no better campground to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature than the primitive camping and prime camping areas at My Old Kentucky Home State Park.

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